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English » Portuguese Translations for "by and large"
Func. Word Definition Pron.
{ADV} by and large geral: em geral

English » Portuguese Indirect translations for "by and large"
Func. Word Definition Pron.
{A} extra large muito grande ,ekstrə'lɑ:rdʒ
{A} large grande lɑ:rdʒ
{A} large largo lɑ:rdʒ
{A} large extenso lɑ:rdʒ
{A} large volumoso lɑ:rdʒ
{A} large enorme lɑ:rdʒ
{A} large amplo lɑ:rdʒ
{A} large abundante lɑ:rdʒ
{A} large generoso lɑ:rdʒ
{A} large pródigo lɑ:rdʒ
{A} large compreensivo lɑ:rdʒ
{A} large copioso lɑ:rdʒ
{A} large avultado lɑ:rdʒ
{ADV} at large liberdade: em liberdade
{ADV} at large geral: em geral
{N} large bed (F) cama grande
{N} large caliber grande calibre
{A} large-eyed olho grande 'lɑ:rdʒ,aıd
{N} large family família grande
{A} large-handed generoso lɑ:rdʒ'hændıd
{A} large-handed magnânimo lɑ:rdʒ'hændıd
{A} large-handed mão: de grandes mãos lɑ:rdʒ'hændıd
{A} large-hearted generoso ,lɑ:rdʒ'hɑ:rtıd
{A} large-hearted magnânimo ,lɑ:rdʒ'hɑ:rtıd
{A} large-hearted bondoso ,lɑ:rdʒ'hɑ:rtıd